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Preparing for the Steering & Suspension demand 2023 – BGA’s 24 TOP SELLERS!

BGA’s product group ‘Steering & Suspension’ is highly recommended by our Product Development Team which have identified 24 must stock references for your business to remain competitive covering the latest applications.

Our Steering & Suspension components use OE (original equipment) parameters and tolerances as the mandatory MINIMUM requirements to pass our accredited quality controls in our UK Head Quarters and are now available at your disposal to be stocked.

Top 3 Moving References:

Ford Fiesta
2008 – 2017

Ford Fiesta
2008 – 2017

Land Rover Discovery
2009 – 2018

Over 1 Million Steering & Suspension components shipped alone in 2022 positions BGA as an ideal choice to become your parts distributor in 2023 as we are positioned to release new product references every month ensuring that we remain competitive in the automotive aftermarket.

Steering & Suspension is one of the most important components of any vehicle as they are responsible in ensuring the vehicle is able to be controlled and allows it to absorb shocks from the imperfect road surfaces. It is important to have the most common steering & suspension components regularly stocked to ensure that you are able to promptly accommodate any customer request.

The suspension system of a vehicle is made up of several parts including but not limited: track control arms, ball joints, stabiliser links, tie rod ends, bushes & strut mounts which can be sourced directly from BGA (BG Automotive).

Control arms are especially susceptible to wearing out as they are one of the main components of your suspension system, when this occurs the vehicle will likely experience alignment issues, wheel vibrations and may cause difficulty steering. It is extremely important to properly diagnose and be able to quickly replace any components as to not decimate customer safety.

Top Sellers:

Audi A3
2012 – 2020

Nissan Qashqai
2007 – 2013

Ford Focus
2004 – 2012

Nissan Juke
2010 >

Ford Transit
2006 – 2014

Audi A4
2004 – 200

About BGA (BG Automotive):

BGA (BG Automotive) is an Automotive Aftermarket parts supplier, celebrating over 90 years of OE manufacturing heritage as the aftermarket division of the largest privately owned OE supplier, 4BG Group, established in 1929.

BGA (BG Automotive) focuses on providing one of the largest ranges of high quality, competitively priced parts in the aftermarket containing Auxiliary Drive, Camtrain, Cooling, Gaskets, Lubrication, Power Steering, Steering & Suspension, Timing Belt Kits, Timing Chain Kits and Transmission.


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