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Mercedes M271 Engine Common Problems & Reliability

The Mercedes ‘M271’ is a popular engine which first appeared in 2002 and is manufactured by auto manufacturer ‘Mercedes-Benz-as a 4-piston engine configuration. The ‘M271’ replaced the older style ‘M111’ engine and is manufactured in ‘Untertürkheim, Germany.’. M271 contains four cylinders with a diameter of 82mm which is housed in an aluminium crankcase and is supplied in either a 1.6L (1,597 cc) or a 1.8L (1,796 cc) configuration.

The 1.8L M271 engine has two types of cylinder heads depending on the configuration which allows for direct injection or indirect injection of fuel into the cylinder. By 2009 the m271 engine series has been upgraded with the main characteristic being the turbocharger.

The M271 has a power output range of 120 – 201 HP and has been used in Formula 3 racing when it made its debut in the opening race of the 2002 German Formula 3 Championship at Hockenheim.

BG Automotive (BGA) has identified several issues related to the M271 engine after analysing industry data related to drivers experiencing higher-than-average rates of engine failure and is now offering technicians & consumers advice on the correct course of action to getting your engine back to original specifications.

The M271 engines are experiencing higher than average rates of failure within the timing chain system particularly the VVT sprockets (due to material composition and design of the back plate) and the timing chain itself stretching overtime resulting in premature engine failure.

A timing chain essentially synchronizes the crankshaft (bottom half of the engine) to the camshaft (top half of the engine) in order for the valves to open and close at the right time in synchronization with the pistons to produce a combustion inside the cylinder. In combustion engines, a variable valve timing sprocket is used to alter the timing on the intake / exhaust valves to improve efficiency, performance, and fuel economy of the engine.

The failure on the M271 engine can be easily identified by excessive engine noise during start-up and in operation, the timing chain is composed of single-roller construction and is particularly susceptible to the chain stretching overtime which results in excessive noise.

Recommended solution:

Using BGA Ref TC5690S1/S2 (fitting Mercedes M271.820 & M271.860 engines) to replace your VVT sprocket is recommended as the upgraded sprocket uses an improved design with a steel back plate making it stronger and more durable.

Timing Chains can be replaced with BGA Ref: TC5690VFK (fitting Mercedes M271.820 & M271.860 engines) which comprises of five main components – chain, chain tensioner, guides, and sprockets.

It is important for garages to be prepared with the right equipment and product suppliers to ensure that they are in the right position to service any prospective customers. BGA has a range of 380+ Timing Chain kits coving more than 14,000 applications with a proven track of consistent expansion ensuring that new product ranges are constantly developed – enabling you to service the latest models of vehicles coming to your garage.

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